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To combine knowledge, know-how, life skills and the art of living

Situated in the heart of the university quarter and at the centre of the city's health corridor, Inspire Bio Innovations will revive the site of the former Montreal Chest Institute, which was one of the most important medical centres in the history of Montreal and Quebec.

With its geographic proximity to the main players in the life sciences ecosystem, Inspire Bio Innovations will promote the creation, sharing and transfer of knowledge:

Four leading

Two state-of-
the-art teaching

The Montreal Clinical
Research Institute, IRCM

Headquarters of a world leader in precision medicine, CellCarta Biosciences

Add to these some 450,000 square feet of state-of-the-art laboratory and office space situated in the heart of downtown Montreal, and Inspire Bio Innovations emerges as an essential and internationally renowned hub to:

Promote synergy and strategies with key players in the life sciences and artificial intelligence ecosystems

Accelerate innovation
and discovery

Develop and recruit
world-class talent

Benefit from a cultural and recreational lifestyle that only a vibrant community like Montreal can offer

Essential catalyst

Essential catalyst

Guided by best practices and principles in ESG, Inspire Bio Innovations is a transformative space that will bring together global leaders such as CellCarta, pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, researchers from academia and specialized institutes, and startups, to facilitate the necessary collaboration that will lead to the discovery and successful commercialization of the medical advances of both today and tomorrow.